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Kevin Wakelin

In the rarified world of luxury residential real estate, it takes a certain level of knowledge and expertise to successfully execute a transaction – whether it be from the buying or selling side of a deal.

Kevin Wakelin is a prime example of the that level of knowledge and expertise – bringing decades of experience in residential development, investment, and sales experience on a global scale.

Born in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia and raised in England, Singapore and Africa, Kevin’s international upbringing and extensive travel around the globe has provided him with a natural affinity for leadership roles, lateral thinking, and cultural connectivity.

Kevin began his career In 1990 shortly after graduating from London’s Kingston University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Regional Urban Planning, joining Jacobs Island Company – a real estate development company based in the docklands of London. Renowned for creating the first collection of innovative, alternative and architecturally significant loft dwellings in London – conversions of old and abandoned brick-and-timber framed industrial warehouses into luxury open-plan Loft spaces – Kevin's passion for "all things real estate" was ignited as he was thrust into the deep end of real estate development. At just 20 years old and hungry for knowledge and experience - Numerous projects received architectural and conservation awards, which propelled the company onto a high-profile platform, and with it, Kevin’s appreciation and understanding of real estate fundamentals: entitlements, architecture, design, engineering, construction, financing, marketing and sales.

Following his tenure at Jacobs Island Company, Kevin relocated to San Francisco where he was then brought on as CEO of the pioneering development firm known as Holliday Development, overseeing the development of numerous large-scale live/work loft projects in areas ranging from San Francisco to Los Angeles to Lake Tahoe.

Following the market crash of 2008, Kevin took a step back from real estate development to re-strategize and figure out what his next move would be in the downturn. He decided to shift his focus to his new real estate investment company, The Vibrant Group, to take advantage of the huge investment opportunities in the local REO/foreclosure markets. With millions of dollars of private equity investment capital available, Kevin purchased hundreds of single family homes within the Bay Area for his own portfolios as well as for other national portfolios. Assembling a team of contractors, engineers, designers and other real estate professionals, Kevin led an investment strategy that included renovating each home for both a buy-and-sell strategy, as well as for a buy-and-hold strategy. After flipping the majority of holdings.

Kevin now manages a small private investment portfolio of leased single-family homes - Vibrant Homes of Solano - for eventual sale, which have since nearly tripled in value since acquisition.

Kevin now brings his full and undivided attention and expertise to Pacific Union International, giving his clients the opportunity to leverage his incredible knowledge of the real estate world. As a long time San Francisco resident – having lived in the Marina, SOMA, Noe Valley and Montclair, Kevin has a deep appreciation for the sub-markets of San Francisco and the Bay Area and has an extensive network of contractors, vendors, marketing experts and other real estate professionals all adding to his abilities to perfectly find the perfect home, to negotiating with agents, to meticulously managing the transactional process, to leveraging vendor networks, Kevin has more skill-sets on hand than most clients could ever expect from their realtor.

Aside from all of his professional activities – passion, creativity and integrity are the core values that run through everything that Kevin does. He currently resides in SOMA with his thirteen year old daughter. He is the founder of Vitality, a professional business-networking group for LGBT executives, and Castro Dads, the largest social group for gay dads and their kids in San Francisco.


Suzanne Jordan, Kevin Wakelin Real Estate
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Suzanne Jordan

Suzanne Jordan’s career at Pacific Union International spans 15 years. Beginning in 2002, she worked as a Project Manager for nearly 9 years before becoming a transaction coordinator in 2011 where she coordinates and maintains all escrow contracts and transaction files and conversation logs for multiple agents within Pacific Union.

Suzanne holds a BFA in Photography from the University of San Francisco, as well as an Associates Degree in Culinary Arts from City College of San Francisco. Her hobbies include volunteering as a Prep Cook/Chef Liasion at Culinary Arts Events as well as spending time with her family.