Development Projects

Iron Horse Lofts, Walnut Creek CA

Townhouses:​ 54
One+ Bedrooms: 25
Two+ Bedrooms: 22
Three+ Bedrooms: 7
Project SF: 97,958
Lot SF: 93,364

Ownership: Bart Lofts,LLC
Role: Development Partner


A hybrid in the making, the Iron Horse Lofts are townhouse lofts designed on a typical 3-story townhouse platform, each loft side-by-side within eight separate buildings, with each building containing a range of three to eleven lofts. Many distinctive features, found more commonly in lofts, enhance the uniqueness and flexibility of the loft homes: high ceilings, open pitch and saw tooth roofs, open plan interiors, expansive windows, and architectural detailing. The space is both energetic and inviting, allowing owners much more freedom to shape the space to their individual needs.