Development Projects

St. John's School & Lantern House, London UK

Townhouses:​ 4
Scope: Refurbishment of abandoned and derelict structures built in 1796 and 1821.

Role: Project Manager
Years: 1993-95

With no roof and trees growing out of the abandoned shell, the project was a labor of love and the last project undertaken in London before emigrating to San Francisco. The two structures were built individually, first St John's Shcool House on the left in 1796 and then later expanded in 1821 to include the Lantern House. registered as a Grade II Significant Historic Structure, the buildings were painstakingly restored and converted into four luxury townhouse, comprising 5-bedroom homes in St John's and 4-bedroom homes in the Lantern House. The latter was rebuilt with a new floor added, as well as an open-eave timber roof structure with lantern lights atop.