"We were extremely lucky to have Kevin as our agent while we were looking for a home in the outer sunset. We didn't know him when we asked him to be our agent. We were so thrilled to immediately see how diligent and passionate he is with his work. He is so responsive and devoted, it almost feels like you're his only client (which, of course, is not the case). He is great with list agents. His intelligence and knowledge are vast. He has contracting experience and experience in a broad range of housing-related fields, so he knows how to look at a house and tell you honestly what you're getting into. Lastly, he was great to be around and made the process (which can be long and grueling) fun and pleasant. We ended up with a dream home in our ideal location and found a great deal with a motivated seller. It was a listing that I would have otherwise overlooked. Now we are settling in and so happy. Thanks Kevin!" 

— Michael S.

"Kevin truly made buying my first condo in San Francisco a smooth and easy process, walking me through every step with detailed explanations so I would know what to expect and there were no unpleasant surprises.  His knowledge and experience in the real estate industry shine through as he handles the complex negotiations on my behalf, from putting in an offer all the way to close of escrow. It was a pleasure working with him and I have already recommended him to all my family and friends!" 

— Olivia M.

"Kevin is an excellent realtor; he came highly recommended from friends who just purchased their first home. From our first meeting with him, we knew he was the right person for us. Kevin has vast experiences both as realtor and developer. His worldly experiences enabled him to communicate with us effectively as my partner and I come from different backgrounds and we had different ways of expressing our desires. He was able to pinpoint what would be a good fit for us. In this hot housing market, we found our home within the second week of meeting Kevin and closed 21 days after. Without Kevin, we would have been lost. He served as a tremendous resource connecting us to the right bankers, inspection, attorney, and mortgage officers. I don’t know how he does it but Kevin sure does it all. He is extremely responsive and an exceptional communicator that made the transaction as smooth as possible with the listing agent. In the future when we purchase our next home, we would not bat an eye to choose him as a listing agent and also as a buying agent." 

— Matt C. & Victor N.

“Kevin is extremely knowledgable and savvy about San Francisco real estate. These skills, combined with his expertise & professionalism, made working with him a fantastic experience for my wife and myself. We are extremely pleased with our results and would recommend him to anyone.” 

— Josh & Lauren T.

"Relocating here from Europe, I never thought I would be able to secure a home here in San Francisco's super competitive market. Then I was introduced to Kevin by a close friend of mine who recently purchased a home with the assistance and guidance of Kevin. Right from the start, Kevin projected a very professional attitude and extreme passion about his field of work, which is a great attribute. Kevin took the time to show me various available homes within areas I've showed interest in residing in. He pointed out both the pros and cons of the homes I visited and was extremely knowledgeable about the neighborhoods we've visited which impressed me. Some realtors have a reputation of being money motivated but Kevin is one of a rare breed. Kevin is passionate about his career and his clients and wants the best for them. Kevin gave me all the knowledge and tools I needed to prepare myself for becoming a first-time homebuyer. I was very nervous about the whole house hunting process, but Kevin gave me the assurance and instilled confidence in me that everything would work out just fine… and he was absolutely right! I am proud to say that very recently I've become the proud owner of a beautiful home in a desirable sunny area of San Francisco. I would've never imagined living in this home but somehow Kevin worked his magic and made it all possible. I am so grateful to have been introduced to Kevin. He catered to my every need and walked me through the entire process patiently, answered all my questions, going above and beyond to relieve me of my anxiety being a first-time buyer. I am absolutely satisfied with the services that Kevin has provided to me. As previously stated, Kevin is of a rare breed of realtors who shows passion for his work and truly cares about his clients needs. His personality is both professional and colorful, and I’m sure that anyone who works with him will be pleased with his services. Thank you Kevin for making one of my dreams come true!"

— Giulio B.

"Kevin was very responsive, that's his biggest strength! He was able to help us with all our questions as first time buyers and help us to find the best fitting properties. In a hot market like San Francisco, we knew there was little in our price range, but Kevin really nailed it! We love our house and would have never found it without his expertise. He also showed us many other places and gave us a lot to think about before we made our decision. I would recommend him particularly for young couples with a clear vision for what they can and cannot do financially, but who are open to lots of choices within those constraints.... Thanks Kevin!"   

— Wolf R. and Taylor D.

"Hi Kevin ~ No matter what the result is, you are great.  You not only give us professional guidance, but also thoughtfulness like a close friend.  You understand we want a good property at a "reasonable" price, which I know is pretty hard in the current market."   

— Kasper C.